Pram Assembly

Before the baby guru assembles your pram, they will need the box/es put into the room, in which you would like the pram to be assembled.

To safeguard children and pets, it is advised they are not too close when the baby guru is assembling, as some sharp objects may be used to open boxes or cut off wrapping.

Depending on the pram you purchase, it can take as quick as 5 to 20 minutes to assemble.


Pram Demonstrations

The baby guru will thoroughly go through your pram.

If you have any questions, it is advised that you wait until the end, as usually, the question you have in mind, is answered at some point during the demonstration.

If you are unclear at any point, please be sure to ask the baby guru to repeat the previous action.

At some points, the baby guru will ask you to repeat the actions, so you are aware of how to operate the pram independently.


Car Seat Fit

Depending on the car seat, the baby guru will be able to install this into your car.

If you have an isofix in your car, the baby guru can install your isofix base into your car and show you how to operate it.

If you do not have isofix in your car, the baby guru can demonstrate how to install your newborn car seat in your car, using a seat belt fitting. This can be any brand, group 0 car seat.

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