Welcome to our Baby Consultancy site !

We are a team of consultants dedicated to provide valuable service to expectant parents, helping you to prepare for the forthcoming arrival of a new member of the family. Our goal is to help parents especially mothers prepare for the coming little addition to the family with products that are essential to make child care easier and for the baby’s comfort.  We give advices on the latest products available that will suit your lifestyle as well as your needs. We also give demonstrations on how to use these various baby products, tips on how to keep these in top condition and where to find and purchase them in stores near you. Our team is here to give you the hand in choosing the best for you with great regard on your own ideas. The expertise in child care products is from our experience both in education and retail industry on baby product lines. We know and understand the stress and pressure of pregnancy, from the different discomforts brought by expecting a child, hormonal imbalances and other aches and pains. Add to this is the preparation from birth to the actual care of a newborn, the essential items the child needs and the parents ease in caring. We provide the answers to make things easier for parents. A guided list on what to buy and where to purchase these.

Our main concern are babies and parents. We listen and give the best advice on baby products that will suit the needs, budget, and lifestyle of parents and how they wish to care for the child. We pride ourselves for giving the best consultancy service on child care and products by listening to parents with their own ideas and concept.  We refer you where to get the best deals and value for your money on baby products. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the roster of satisfied clients, who attest to our contribution in their success in child rearing. We understand, listen and give the best advice in child care and essential baby products for the baby’s comfort and parents’ ease. Let our experience be your advantage in being the best parents for your baby.

Lead Consultant !

Our lead consultant, Cala, has a degree in Psychology.This gives us the advantage of conceptual and theoretical knowledge of child rearing, physical, emotional and psychological development at any stage. She also works as a Montessori teacher, thus gives her the hand on experience in caring for children. A Masters degree in Education and Professional studies is also an edge in educating children and parents alike. She is a qualified teacher on Montessori Infant and Toddler studies. Cala specially conceptualized videos aimed on educating parents on use and care for specific products.   Her experience, past and present,  in the retail industry specifically on baby product lines gives us the advantage on the latest essential and luxury items which provide comfort and ease in caring for a baby as well as the necessities such as baby car seats and prams.

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